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Memoir of a Foreigner Born in Japan

by George Lavrov

George Lavrov

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Yokohama Gaijin is George Lavrov's personal story, told from his own eyewitness account. It recounts the horror of WWII carpet bombings of Japanese cities, including the tragic loss of his elder brother, Konstantin, who was killed instantly when a bomb from an American B-29 bomber made a direct hit on the Lavrov residence in Yokohama, Japan, on May 29th, 1945, the harsh wartime treatment of gaijin (foreign) residents of Japan and much more. It is the true story of a stateless White Russian and his family, as they coped through some of the most difficult times of the 20th century—the WWII period in Japan and the postwar years that followed. But it's also a story of faith and hope in the future—a future that spelled "A M E R I C A" and a successful career in the international business world.

More than a personal memoir, Yokohama Gaijin provides practical insights into the world of Japanese corporate business. In the chapter headed "Doing Business in Japan", the reader is introduced to many Japanese business practices, as well as the proper etiquette vis-a-vis dealing with Japanese business men and women, both in Japan as well as overseas. The Japanese approach to decision-making is outlined, as well as the matter of when "Yes means No and No means Yes" and, more importantly, how to resolve this dilemma. Also, when entertaining in Japan, why it's important for the Western businessmen to pay the bill. "The nail that sticks out must be hammered in" goes an old Japanese saying—a reminder for the foreign expat not to dress oddly in Japan. These and many more useful Japanese cultural and business practices are covered in Yokohama Gaijin. The book has a handy section of Do's and Don'ts of doing business with the Japanese and is a useful reference, not only to the foreign expat destined on his first Japan assignment, but to the experienced "old Japan hand" as well.

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